Sunday, November 28, 2010

No sew Burlap Flower Pillow

OK, this pillow is so cute and I don't have a decent camera so please forgive this crappy photo. First of all, mea culpa, I cannot sew, although I have tried. So any projects that I do need to be no-sew or quick hand sew. If you can sew god bless you and you'll have a prettier end result than I will.
OK, so a few months ago I went bananas for burlap and bought 10 yards of it. I made table runners, pillows, a skirt for my weird entertainment system (that's a whole other entry), and much much more! Anyway, for a while I had these plain burlap pillows on a trunk in my family room, making me snore every time I walked by them. Then, Friday morning, I picked up a magazine off the floor. It was opened to a page that had this cute wool felt pillow with a huge flower on the front. I looked at it and thought heck I can do that! So while the baby licked jam off his toast in his high chair and Only Daughter and #2 Son waited for the bus, I cut out about 10 burlap flowers freehand, getting smaller each time I cut. then I glued them on, biggest first in descending order. Here's what I got (excuse the picture, again). Oh, I added a little fabric button that came with a blazer I got years ago.
 You could do this with a store bought pillow and embellish with a large or small flower, or try it in felt.
I am going to try this with the wool felt, as soon as I can get some on sale. I love projects I can do while still in my bathrobe.

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  1. I think it's really cute! I am in love with burlap too although I haven't added any to my house yet, I think I'm going to do a post about all the pretty burlap things I've been loving...