Friday, November 5, 2010

Grace and Flavor: the story behind the name

OK here's the deal: anyone who knows me knows I LOVE all things British (hardcore Anglophilia). I first traveled to England when I was 16, where I spent the summer as an exchange student. Luckily I have been able to visit many times since and am still in touch with my exchange family, lo these many (ahem, 25) years later. Awesome. Or rather: Brilliant!
Anyway, there is a term used to describe a property owned by the monarch (Elizabeth II) that is granted to heads of state and former employees of the royal household as part of a retirement package. See here for the Wikipedia definition and more detail. Some of the houses look like the one above but many are small cottages.
Soooo, I just love the sound of that phrase and it meets all my criteria for awesome: it's British and has something to do with the Queen (more on her later). Anyway, I have always dreamed of having a little english tea room, or an etsy shop, or a gift shop or a brand of tea and naming it "Grace and Flavor", a little play on the words. Of course I had to drop the "u" from "flavour" because I am, after all, American, and we streamlined that word (and "favour" and "colour") about 200 years ago.
God save the Queen. God Bless America (I think I am culturally bi-polar).

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