Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm a sucker for silhouettes! Gift Idea Alert!!!!

Christmas Gift Idea Alert!!!!
I LOVE silhouettes, and I have since i was a little girl and my grandmother had silhouettes of my mom and her 4 siblings going up the stairs at her house. At one point I started pricing how much it would cost to have someone do them for me. Uh... thanks but no thanks. I couldn't even bear the cost of the frames!

So I googled "how to make a silhouette" and found some great links. Here is the one I went for. It was actually fun. Once I got all 4 kids to pose in profile, I downloaded the photos and follwed the directions at Older and Wisor, which is a really cute blog.

 I  used black scrapbook paper for the actual silhouette and a patterned one for the background. I shrank mine down and used $3.50 frames (half off) from Hobby Lobby. Shrinking the image down was a little awkward, next time I would leave it alone.
My husband asked me to do them again next year full size. I think I will make it an annual event, especially since #1 Son already has an adams apple showing on his silhouette (ack!).
Cutting out smaller ones is more difficult, too, especially the nose! My one tip is to move the paper, not the scissors. And maybe start with a big one. Good luck! Let me know how it goes! Oh, and these are great as gifts, especially for grandparents. Or father's day.
My husband thinks it's a riot that thier little faces are turned towrds that saying. Keep calm! Ha!

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  1. This grandma would LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!! Since I have my silhouette and yours and Chris' adding the kids would be perfect!!!