Saturday, November 13, 2010

Food, Glorious (Baby) Food!

I heard angels sing today as I wandered down the baby food aisle at Wal mart today. Usually I just get a few little "extras" for my littlest man; he's 19 months so he's eating Big People Food and feeding himself. But I like to also supplement his meals with some baby veggies or fruit, just for the added calories and nutrients. About a year ago I found Sprout baby food at a Publix in Florida. I was hooked: Tyler Florence developed this line of baby food when he had his own baby. It's all organic and packed in these awesome envelopes that travel well and re-seal. AND (drumroll please), my guy reeeaaally loves this food.
I would occasionally make a special trip to our Publix here to get some. But it's not usually feasible for me to drive 30 minutes for one item, so you can imagine my delight when I saw these today at my local Wally World. It was a shock because until last week they didn't have any of the better organic baby food. Now they carry this and Good Earth. Thank you WM! For all the details and ingredients (I wish I made food this healthy for the rest of us) check it out here (they usually have a printable coupon too!)

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