Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting the Boot

OK there is no doubt that this season is all about boots... short, mid, tall, super tall, flat heeled, cowboy, you name it. Boots are great because you can wear them with just about everything and there doesn't seem to be a master list somewhere saying "don't". You can pretty much wear them how you like. Here's the trouble: boots are so darn expensive! And interestingly the ones I like the best seem to always come with a gigantic pricetag attached. Enter Ruche: a super cute, Anthropologie-style online only shop. Besides very cute and very affordable clothes and accessories, home decor and office accessories, they have footwear. Vintage inspired footwear, and more to the point, boots. The pair above are called Let's Take a Ride Knee High Boots and they are $52.99. Help me Rhonda.
I just learned about Ruche a few months ago, where the heck have I been? Oh yeah, changing diapers and nursing in a darkened room... Sometimes I just like to "browse". The whole site is like a warm cup of cocoa and a snuggly blanket. But if you love something, get it, cuz things sell out fast!

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