Monday, November 8, 2010

E.L.F. just in time for Xmas!

No I am not refering to Santa's helpers, or even Will Ferrell's must-see movie, but to my favorite on line, super inexpensive (notice I did not say "cheap") make up store. If you're like me and have a raging slight addiction to lipgloss, this is your new best friend.
Have any teen girls in your life? A gift certificate to this place will keep them in glitter eyeshadow and gloss for a year! The quality is great, too. Some of my favorites are the mineral lip gloss (the colors are more subtle than they appear on the website), the concealer/highlighter duo for eyes, and the mineral zit concealer, or whatever it's called. Clears those fun "after 40" pimples up in a flash with no goop. Check it all out!

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