Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Flavor Part, again

sorry this pic is so lame
Tis the season for open houses, buffets, luncheons, family dinners, etc... I'm full just thinking about the feeding frenzy we have at Thanksgiving. There will be a lot of cooking, prepping, cleaning up. Every once in a while it sure is nice to find a recipe so easy and yet so tasty I almost feel guilty about it. Almost. Anyway, I had a baby shower for a friend last weekend and this Fruit Dip is about the easiest thing going. It was definitely the simplest thing on the table (any of the fancy food I can take absolutely zero credit for: my friend Cindy is a Genius with food).
I can't give credit to the original author of this recipe because I tested the recipe for a cookbook and it was annonymous. If I find out the source I will amend this post.
But for now, here it is:
Fruit Dip:
1 container marshmallow fluff
1 container strawberry cream cheese.
Blend well. Serve with fruit.
It's so good you can spread it on bagels, muffins, scones, you name it. I would even say it would make a mighty fine cream cheese frosting. Go crazy.

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