Thursday, November 4, 2010

Now for the Flavor Part...

I might be brand spankin' new at this blog thing, but a lot of moms out there are pros... one of my favorite blogs for great recipes is Cooking on Clover Lane. Sarah's blogs (she also has a lifestyle/parenting blog called Memories on Clover Lane that I am devoted to) have given me a new lease on my culinary life. Trying to keep 6 palates (many picky palates) happy is always a challenge. Sarah's recipes have saved my skin many nights. Tonight it's Slow Cooker Chicken Fettucine. YUM! And did I mention that two of the most beautiful words in the english language are Slow Cooker?


  1. sounds like a great blog, I'm going there now to check it out, I need all the help I can get with my 2 picky eaters!

  2. welcome to blogland!! Here is the link that shows how to make the book page bow.

    Thanks for stopping by today!