Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boxwood topiary for $1

Do you like my little owl? I got her at Ace Hardware.
 In honor of the new Harry Potter movie. Geek alert.

Ooh I just love a little "grace" for nothin'! I have had these two iron urns for years, and have probably killed a dozen ivy in those urns. I knew I needed something green and fresh for the kitchen Thanksgiving mantle so I took inspiration from my family room mantle which already has some preserved boxwood topiaries. I bought those a few years ago and they are still going strong. So I am not against the expense of preserved boxwood on principle; it's just that right now that kind of fun money is going straight to T-giving food and Xmas gifts.

Right, so I had my inspiration. And I had my urns. And I have about 6 boxwoods in the front bed. So I paid $1 for a rectangle shaped block of florist foam at the dollar store. 
1) I cut the block of foam in half and crammed each half into each urn so they were the same height.
2)Then I cut a huge plastic shopping bag full of boxwood clippings. Trust me when I say you will need waaaay more than you think.
Chia pet stage. Note Little Man in the upper right hand corner,
oblivious to mommy's funny hobby.
3) I started on the top. I made sure I did both topiaries at the same time so they would be fairly symmetrical, using bushy clippings at the corners.

place cuttings down center to start filling out sides.

4)Then I started down the sides, making a line down the middle of the side and filling in. Just work one side at a time. Fill in where needed. Done!
I know my preserved boxwood just needs to be misted occassionally to stay green... and I don't think I have done it since last year! I have no idea if these will wither and die or last forever (probably not). But in the meantime, they look pretty good for a buck!


  1. they look great, I love free or cheap projects! love those urns too!

  2. Thanks Kelly! I have had those urns so long i can't even rememebr where they came from!

  3. Very cute! I have a little urn and boxwoods too. Thanks for the idea!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.