Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Laundry Room Rehab

Let's face it, we all spend WAAAY too much time doing laundry. And it will never end until we die, so we might as well try and make it a little pleasant.

Luckily you can't see the Mount Everest of laundry

Of course I have no before pictures of my laundry room becasue I never dreamed anyone would want to see it. Imagine if you will a square room, with builder's chalky white paint on the walls, nasty faux tile linoleum, brass knobs, dust bunnies and piles of laundry (naturally).
I am lucky to have a fairly large laundry room, upstairs. It also has a skylight so the room is always full of light. And it came with built in cabinets, to hide stuff, my favorite way to organize.
When we had a bathroom added on to the laundry room to serve the baby's nursery, I got to sneak in a little rehab to the laundry room. New paint, new floors, new cabinet knobs. And I tarted up the detergent and laundry sheets. It makes such a difference, and cost very little. (I did put some rubber matting under the burlap to help with grip). Of course you could make it even cuter by using a cheery fabric in place of the burlap.
 The jars are from Amazon but you can find them at Wal Mart as well and cost $9.99 for the large one and $7.99 for the small one. Seriously. I also got the metal scoops at Amazon, but they have them at the kitchen aisle at Wal Mart.  The tray was my own, but you don't even need it. And I am addicted to mini clothes pins (they are hanging from the tag on the cabinet knob). I use them to clip baby socks together in the wash, and also in the kitchen for closing bags. I also use them to hold things to a "memo ribbon" (stay tuned for that one), among other things.
 I also have the small glass jar with a small scoop on my kitchen counter for dishwasher powder. Just make sure if you do that you label it so no one mistakes it for sugar or flour!

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  1. looks cute, you are so lucky to have an upstairs laundry room! mine is in the basement and only has one little measley window and no light at all! I seriously need to start making mine more pretty since I do spend an awful lot of time in it...