Friday, January 21, 2011

Mini Organizing Project
I was inspired last night while browsing the organizing tips on the Real Simple website. I actually enjoy their site more than I enjoy the magazine. Anyway, when I saw this little trick of sorting your makeup drawer by product type, I was in love with the idea because it appeals to my type-A sorting tendencies, and it was an easy solution to a dilemma I have always had: my bathroom drawers have forever been dire, and I hate it because it's the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing at night. So in honor of my committment to organizing the unseen areas of my home this year, let's see how this plan worked for me. And I am laying bare my soul by publishing these photos, I assure you. Try not to judge me too harshly.

drawer 1 before

Drawer 1 after

Drawer 2 before (sorry for the crappy pic)

Drawer 2 after

Drawer 3 before. yikes.

drawer 3 after
Bonus photo! Under the sink. Which actually has no before pic because it wasn't that bad. I keep a ziplock baggie full of mini toiletries ready to throw in my gym bag for those rare occasions I can be bothered to shower after working out and before running around doing errands.

 Well obviously I have too much makeup, especially in light of the fact that most days I go without because I never get out of my workout clothes until bedtime. But let's say some people collect art, I obviously collect eyeliner. My favorite site for a cheap make up fix is, which I talked about at this post.
 So I have one basket that I filled with those products I use everytime I do bother to put on makeup. Those are all together in the top drawer where I can get to them easily. The rest of the stuff is organized by type: eye makeup, skin, nail stuff, lip stuff, mineral makeup, and the hair stuff is in the bottom drawer. (I hate doing my hair. Is it me, or aren't there 50 other things we can be doing instead of standing in front of the mirror blowing hot air at our heads???)
First i vacuumed out the drawers; it's easier and less messy than wiping them out. I shed hair like a dog so the hand held vac it was! I lined the drawers with white tissue paper; it's cheap, can be cut to fit and can easily be replaced. But I love pretty drawer liners so I will keep a lookout for those.
Fingers crossed it stays this way. And I really hope my husband asks where the nail clippers are soon; he will not believe this until he sees it for himself!

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