Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Mount Everest of Closets Conquered

Ho boy, this one was a doozy. And it wasn't even as bad as it had been for years! I used to just cram everything random into this closet. Presumably it is meant to be a downstairs linen closet; it's situated next to the downstairs bathroom and guest room. Well, I don't need it for linens, I need it for STUFF, so it is now my craft/school supply /gift wrap closet. And there is room to add more stuff as I go along.
One big thing I did was dig out my old P-touch label maker (circa 2002) and start labeling the socks off of everything in there. Containers for all the little things, baskets for the bigger things. Apparently I used up all of my wrapping paper over Xmas, so I need to stock up again!
Before. Oy vey.

I used an old cafe curtain rod I found on the floor at the bottom of the closet to hold ribbon spools; I just used the little clips to attach it to the (dreaded) wire shelves.

Of course my husband looked into the guest room and saw 75% of the junk that had been in the closet now piled in a corner. "So basically you moved the junk form one place to another." No!!! I boxed it up and it's going to our Social Services thrift shop tomorrow. So there!

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  1. I LOVE how you organized your closet! Using the cafe curtain rod for ribbon spools - that's brilliant! Know I know what to do with mine!