Monday, January 3, 2011

New year, New to-do list

Well, Happy New Year! The plan of course this time of year is to clean out everything: diet, closets, hallway desk, kitchen cabinets. It's a tall order for anyone, especially moms and anyone who would rather be reading on their Kindle. So here is how I am approaching the New Year Urge to Purge:

This month I will take inventory of what needs to be done.
1) Make a Punch List. Room by Room, then outside, I will go through  each area as if I am putting the house on the market (which I am NOT!), and write down anything I think that needs to be done. Painting? Cleaning plantation shutters? Clean carpet? New faucet? Hang pictures? Patch hole in wall? Repair drawer knobs? New patio (think big people!) That kind of thing.
Then I
2) Make a priority list.
We have a big party for the Kentucky Derby in May. My guest bath has NEVER been painted in the (by then) 10 years we've lived in this house. I am ashamed to admit it, but it's true. And so I am hoping to do a little cosmetic surgery on the bathroom while we're at it. So all that will have gone on my list. But also I need to get a handle on the closets and cabinets... good cold weather indoor projects.
Then in late Jan/early Feb
3) Do it in bite sized pieces... and get help
Some of the projects I will write down will be above my head. We have a great handyman who helps us with it. Some of you have husbands who are Handy Mannys. My guy has other talents and we are all special in our own ways. But household projects are not his forte. So we pay a guy.
Also, I will be scouring the web for cute solutions.
4) When cleaning out closets, brutal about what you keep and what you toss.

My rule is: "If I were moving, would I pay someone to pack/unpack this item?" Generally it is a resounding NO, and one of three things will happen: it gets tossed, it gets donated, or it gets sold. I am thinking this year might be a good year for a yard sale. I didn't get that Canon Rebel from Santa: I am thinking a good yard sale in the early spring is just what I need to make a little cash. That and selling about a ton of Boden clothes on eBay.

*SIGH* in my dreams... courtesy of
So that's my plan, and it is one that can stretch the whole year long. Low pressure, people. Wish me luck, and good luck to you join your New Year's endevours.
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  1. I love your inspiration pictures. I've been looking for an umbrella stand just like that one that's holding the wrap in the country living pic.

  2. Sounds like a great plan!!! Good luck....thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love your rule. I am moving this year & trying to clear stuff out before the move.

  4. We will check back....I know you will get alot done...your list is long but Looks great too!
    Love the pics.

  5. Love your inspiration photos! You have quite a list and I know you'll get it all done! I'm a Kentucky gal myself and your party sounds divine!

  6. Boden clothes on ebay?? I'm all over that! Will you let us know when you do that?