Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A little Motivation & Guidance

Here is a pretty good webpage devoted to helping us get the house in order. It has kind of taken my punch list and put it up a notch. I like browsing through suggestions like these and cherry picking what works for me. I'm like that with all self-help regimes. Basically I am going to do what I want, but I just need help clarifying exactly what that is sometimes!
Today I did re-organize my bathroom drawers (post to follow) and cleaned out one of the closets downstairs that was full of the most craptastic variety of junk ever. Now it is practically bare and begs to be turned into a wine closet. Or a tiny half bath (wait, forget it, I already have too many toilets to clean as it is). I also finished my punch list, or at least the first draft of it. So slowly but surely I am making progress. I guess when a girl has time to worry about closets that means the rest of her life is going ok. Thank You Lord for my blessings.
I have also decided (I think) on the color scheme for the downstairs bathroom makeover, courtesy of my new blog background from Graphics Fairy.

free french picture frame graphic courtesy of the Graphics Fairy
 Have a wonderful day, and good luck with any goals you have!

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