Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chez Nous Marketplace

For all of you crafty ladies out there, maybe this will inspire you to create and sell! If you aren't the crafty type, maybe this will inspire you to shop!
My two friends and I have decided to pool our creative ambitions and start a quarterly marketplace. We call it "Chez Nous Marketplace", which if you took a year or two of French you know means "Our Home Marketplace". We call it that because we are selling our handcrafted items out of our homes throughout the year. Our first market is this coming Thursday and Friday. I am super excited and super nervous! We will offer floral arrangements in the cutest containers ever, gifts, home accessories, burlap pillows, reclaimed wood signs, book page wreaths, fabric flowers, magnets, magnet boards, letter accessories, easter items and more. Here are a few pix of the things I'll be including from my Grace and Favor line:

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