Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm back!

Phew, that summer went fast! Even though it's 90 degrees the big kids are back in school. Finally I have my computer back. Darn you Facebook!
I will admit that after the wild craft ride that was last spring, and all the household improvements we made leading up to a gigantic Kentucky Derby Party in May, my clever mojo went right.out.the.window.
I was totally spent.
I did one project the whole summer. And it wan't a project, it was just a little decor-on-a-budget thing.
Like many people we have this behemoth of an entertainment center in our family room. It needed help on the top. I had run out of inspiration. Until the Pottery barn catalog caught my eye. It just had a simple collection of big glass jars and bottles sitting on top of a big honking entertainment armoire. Oversized bottles and jars, like my big, honking entertainment armoire.
Since my family room is very very neutral (zzzz) right now I wanted to get clear and blue jars. No luck. But green is nice too. Now looking for green and white chevron striped pillows for the sofa.
So a trip to Home Goods and 30 bucks later and : ta da! (I already owned the tall clear apothecary and the short clear one with the artichokes.)

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